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Sharon Hagler


Sharon Hagler brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of commercial real estate, thanks to her impressive 23-year tenure at Bank of America. During her time there, Sharon held various pivotal roles, from project management to strategic consulting. However, it was her role as the Senior Vice President of the Enterprise Intranet platform where she demonstrated management oversight, exceptional attention to detail, organizational skills and a commitment to excellence that sets her apart in the real estate industry.


In 2016, Sharon decided to embark on a new and exciting career path that allowed her to combine her keen interest in real estate with her finely honed skills. With a strong foundation in project management and strategic thinking, she made the switch to become a commercial real estate broker. Sharon's transition into the real estate industry was seamless, driven by her desire to provide top-notch services to her clients.



University of North Carolina at Charlotte, English major with a minor in Business


Sharon Hagler
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